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A rebrand of the swedish beer brand Arboga, famous for its 10,2% beer - a standard breakfast for swedish music festival visitors.

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Rare Buildings Aroun lovely art


Rare Buildings Aroun lovely art

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Villa in Decin, Czech Republic by Studio Pha. (Photography: Thomas Dittrich)


An Architectural Canvas of Shipping Containers Painted With Greek Gods by Pichi & Avo

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High Tide    |

"Kotoba, the Japanese word for language, is a collective knitwear brand that strives to produce timeless pieces for the modern woman. Kotoba focuses on promoting Wholegarment knitting technology, which is a revolutionary knitwear system developed by Shima Seiki. We’ve worked with Kotoba since their inception, helping to establish the brand’s identity through logo and website design, packaging, stationary collateral, and lookbook production."

High Tide is an independent design studio creating compelling visual narrative through innovative and interactive media tools. By partnering with a visionary group of photographers, illustrators, and developers, High Tide creates timeless design that conveys a unique identity and emotional resonance. From branding and marketing projects to limited edition publications and site-specific installations, High Tide communicates a vision that pushes the boundaries of traditional design.

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Steel & Oak Brewing

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